Smart Home Security Systems

Rest Assured That Your Home is Protected

Smart home automation and security systems offer you comfort and peace of mind no matter where you are. At home or on the road, keep your family, home, and possessions secure. With a smart home security setup you can check in on your home at any time from anywhere in the world.

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Secure Your Home With One Click

Control locks, lights, and more with security automation

From security cameras to automated locks, our team can help you design a home automation security system that will leave you feeling safe, protected, and at-ease. And since you can manage everything from one easy-to-use dashboard, you’ll feel even more confident that things are taken care of at all times.

How A Smart Home Security System Works

Our home security systems are connected to a Control 4 processor hub in your home and programmed to integrate through all the Control 4 interfaces. Control 4 and the security system can be armed and de-armed through the phone, touchscreens, or keypads.

Security video can be viewed from on your TV, on a monitor, or on your phone from anywhere in the world. You can even integrate smart lighting to create a one-push “Goodnight” button that arms the security system, locks deadbolts, and turns on exterior lights.

Complete Home Security and Design

The Element team designs, installs, and programs your complete home security system using window break sensors, door sensors, and motion detectors.

Automated Deadbolt Locks

Lock and unlock doors for deliveries, family members, house keepers, and repair services from anywhere using your phone app.


See who’s at the front door, check in on the backyard, and monitor the house and garage while on vacation with interior and exterior security cameras.

Only the best for our clients

Proud to work with some of the world's best security brands.

How We Work

We Don’t Take Security Lightly

Our technicians undergo rigorous training in wiring, networking, and security systems. We rely on a bank of knowledge gathered over many years designing, installing, and programming home security projects. We also know technology changes quickly which is we invest in the resources and training we need to stay up-to-date on new technologies.

Called Upon for Our Expertise, but Remembered for Our Impeccable Service

How many times have you experienced a missed appointment time, an inconveniently long appointment window, or a technician who didn’t respect your space? Element knows that service technicians don’t always have the best reputation. That’s why we pride ourselves on our technicians being the best in the business.

Our team handles everything from start to finish, whether that means working directly with a homeowner to determine which products will work best, or scheduling with a builder or contractor during construction. Our certified technicians handle all the wiring, set-up and testing to ensure your system is working properly.

Not to mention, our smart home technicians never leave an install until each homeowner feels confident and comfortable navigating their new connected devices.

Let Us Give You Peace of Mind

Feeling safe in your home has never been easier or more accessible. Not sure if you locked the front door? You no longer have to turn the car around to find out. Let us help take some worry out of your life. Get started today.