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Be Better Connected With Customers and Colleagues Alike

In our fast-paced corporate world, collaboration is key. As a full service audio, video, and automation integrator, Element Smart Control Systems gives you the power to create and control your business environment to achieve the ultimate in comfort, security, energy efficiency, and productivity from anywhere you happen to be.

Whether your building is 1000 sq. feet or 100,000 sq. feet, a traditional office environment or a more specialized one, we can completely customize your space to give you exactly what you need.

A Smart Business in Action

Not sure how “smart” components fit into your business’ everyday processes?

Here’s how they can make your life easier:


Improve Your Audiovisual Setup

Turn Any Meeting Room Into a Smart Environment that Entertains, Informs, and Achieves

From presentations to the board to negotiations with customers, product introductions to sales meetings, the quality of sight and sound in corporate surroundings can make or break the deal. Element gives you maximum flexibility and control to create the atmosphere that’s conducive to sharing knowledge and meeting objectives.

  • Distribute audio and video to or from anywhere in the office or remote locations.
  • Incorporate content in any format, from any source or multiple sources.
  • Create theater-quality entertainment and education zones that include sophisticated projection, surround sound and lighting capabilities.
  • Configure the room’s technology setup to optimize the activities, from discussion and negotiation to video conferencing to formal presentations.
  • Operate lights, window shades, presentation screens, and projectors with a single touch.
  • Activate PC displays, modify backlighting, and adjust volume seamlessly.
  • Integrate audio and video-conferencing into a smooth collaborative experience.
  • Use SMART boards and other digital tools to enhance your presentation and instruction.


Conserve Energy

Cut Costs on Electricity Usage to Boost Your Bottom Line

Monitoring and controlling energy use is a proven way to reduce waste and lower operating costs in any professional setting. Element’s smart automation system generates detailed usage data; detects and reports electrical faults, energy interruptions, and usage outliers; and helps reduce utility costs.

  • Automate exterior and interior lights to meet specific business hours or in response to weather conditions.
  • Program lighting to turn power down in unoccupied areas.
  • Set thermostats to accommodate crowded meeting rooms and seasonal variations.


Monitor Security

It Pays to Cut Your Risks and Protect Your Resources

No business can afford to take chances with security. From physical safety to property access, proprietary documents to electronic data, Element gives you the tools to play it safe.

  • Lock and unlock your entire facility with a single touch of a button on your smartphone or tablet, whenever and wherever you choose.
  • Control access to your facility or to specific areas.
  • Supervise the lobby, offices, training rooms, canteens, breakrooms, and other common areas by smartphone or tablet.
  • Provide remote entry when needed or security-code access for selected personnel.
  • Receive electronic (text) alerts any time security alarms are activated or controlled areas are accessed.

Only the best for our clients

Proud to work with some of the world's top brands.

How We Work

Called Upon for Our Expertise, but Remembered for Our Impeccable Service

How many times have you experienced a missed appointment time, an inconveniently long appointment window, or a technician who didn’t respect your space? Element knows that service technicians of any kind don’t always have the best reputation. That’s why we pride ourselves on our technicians being the best in the business.

Our team handles everything from start to finish, whether that means working directly with a business owner to determine which products will work best, or scheduling with a builder or contractor during construction. Our certified technicians handle all the wiring, set-up and testing to ensure your system is working properly.

Not to mention, our technicians never leave an install until our client has a full grasp on operating every part of their system.

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